Dancefair: one stop to take your music game to the next level

Pictures by Dancefair NL


How can I successfully merchandize my music brand? How do I make sure I can live off my music income? How do I correctly master my own tracks? Or how do I prepare for the perfect DJ set? These are just a few of the questions that Kortrijk’s brand new Dancefair will be able to answer. In a two-day multi-purpose event, a vast pallet of experienced artists, DJs, promotors and producers (f.e. Aeroplane, Yves Deruyter, James Marvel, Hush Hefner, Eagl, Kaiserr, Polar Youth, Redhead, Thang and many more) will be ready to provide you with all the information necessary you might need to improve your music game. Workshops, demo drops, masterclasses, lectures, networking opportunities; you name it, Dancefair provides it. With the magical weekend of November 4 and 5 coming closer, we had a quick chat with the Kortrijk Xpo team about what we can expect exactly.

So tell us, who are you guys and what will you be doing at Dancefair?

"In fact, we are the organizational team of Kortrijk Xpo, which organizes over 50 events in Belgium and beyond. For Dancefair, we are collaborating with the promotors of this event in the Netherlands in order to bring this successful concept to our country. It’s a unique combination of a fair, masterclasses, clinics and networking!"

Which DJs or artists will be present? Anyone that we know of?

"More than 60 DJs and artist will be present to give masterclasses, clinics or showcases. With a selection ranging from commercial to underground, there will be many names that might sound familiar: Moonlight Matters, Ramon Tapia, Sammy Merayah, Redhead, Aeroplane, Eagl, Hush Hefner, Iris Menza, James Marvel, Yves Deruyter, Buscemi and TLP. This is just the tip of the iceberg though."

Who is your target audience? Starting producers? Experienced DJ’s?

"We aim for starting DJs and producers who are eager to learn from experts and get inspired by experienced artists. Education is a central element on this event, with mixing and mastering workshops by Abbey Road, sessions on sound design and production skill masterclasses by top shelf artists. You’re never too old to learn, so anyone in or outside the global music industry who is interested is welcome."

You’ll be showcasing the latest professional hard- and software if we’re not mistaken. Correct?

"Yes, additional to the masterclasses, we have a fully expanded expo with different brands like Native Instruments, Pioneer, Ableton, Roland, AKG, Allen & Heath, Bitwig, Crown, Fostex, Genelec, JBL, Keymusic, Modor, Moog, PLAY differently, etc. Maybe also interesting for your readers: there will also be an opportunity to buy gear at very reasonable prices."

What makes Dancefair unique compared to other music expo’s?

"Actually, the fact that it’s not really a music expo. It’s more than that. We are an educational event with more than 60 masterclasses. In addition, you can get your demo listened to at the demo drop off zone with over 20 labels. Finally, there are lots of networking opportunities with fellow DJs, promotors, artists and producers. The actual expo part of the event is the cherry on the cake."

For the full program, tickets and further information, visit Dancefair's website.