Crossroads by Fuse


Brussels' Fuse club just celebrated its 23d anniversary. In those 23 years, it never - ever, ever - organized its own festival. Until now! On Sunday, July 9, Fuse presents XRDS (or, Crossroads) at Anderlecht's Parc Des Etangs. It went all out on its program, filling three stages with top notch electronic music. To get a better view on the project, we sat down with Nick Wessaert (Marketing Manager). 

So, Wess, what or who finally cut the knot to create an own festival?

"Over the last couple of years we’ve been trying various new things with the club. New concepts on Fridays have seen the light of day, we’ve started exporting many of those nights to other clubs and venues in Belgium and we’ve created our own label ‘Fuse Music’. We’re always on the lookout for ways in which to channel the myriad of unbelievable electronic music being produced non-stop. The idea for a festival kept lingering after our last edition of Fuse on the Beach in 2010. And right now, we feel the time is right."

It’s not entirely out of your comfort zone, as Fuse has been having its ‘OFF’ and beach-editions. Right?

"Exactly. We’ve been doing out-of-club events since the nineties (Fuse on the Beach, BPM, 10 & 15 YEARS Fuse & Fade-In), so as you say it’s not out of our comfort zone. We’ve always been more than just a club with four walls. But, the club will always be the main focus of everything we do."

What will make this festival stand out?

"Three things: the location, the location and the location. We’ve found this crazy spot in Brussels, a place where no one ever did anything like this before. It’s rough, but the right kind of rough with lots concrete and graffiti. But then there’s also a lot of grass, trees and ponds to keep everything relaxed. Apart from the location XRDS will also stand out with the lineup: the idea is not enter into competition with other events and aim to become bigger and bigger, but more a back to basics with quality and opportunities for young talents and local artists. As you can see in the club, or with our label: we love to support the local scene. Oh, and did we mention that the location is out of this world?"

Can you tell us a bit more about that crazy location?

"It’s a typical example of an urban-meets-suburb type of location. When mass mobility imposes on nature and where nature has tried to claim back what is hers. It’s so urban and yet so park-like at the same time. It also offers huge opportunities, taking into account the shaky nature of the Belgian climate. Good weather: you party on the grass and amongst the trees. Rain: we move the entire festival under one of the Brussels orbital ringroad’s massive bridges."

How did you select the lineup? Very Fuse-minded or did you go for something special?

"We wanted to start with a clean slate and keep it very focused and pure."

What were the reactions like when you released the teaser on the world wide web?

"We got mails and phone calls from people we hadn’t heard in years – it’s looking good!"

We can imagine there will be one hell of an after party at Fuse?

"(laughs) Actually not. XRDS is on a Sunday afternoon till the early evening. Day after is just a regular Monday. We wanted to try something else!"

Join XRDS for its first edition on July 9. More info and tickets here