Ghent's Decadance reopens as Contrast Club this weekend

Pictures by DW Photography


When Decadance closed its doors last year, Ghent’s nightlife circuit took a big hit. After all, for 22 years, the club on the (in)famous Overpoortstraat was a staple for any raver looking for the (after)party. When it was announced a pop-up après ski bar would take its place, the reactions were understandably negative. This time however, there is some good news to share.

The 23-year-old Koksijde-native Aron Sirjacobs (aka DJ Sirjacobs) has taken it upon himself to start his own nightclub in the building of the former legendary venue. “Contrast Club will cater to both students during the week and credible lineups during the weekends”, he explains over the phone. “From the moment I came to Ghent five years ago, Decadance gave me a chance to DJ regularly, so I’m grateful I can give something back to the venue in a different way”. Fun fact: the former managers at Decadance, Bart and Yves De Kegel actively help Jacobs and his team with the start of Contrast Club. That said, it will not be the same thing, though. “The overall vibe will be a little funkier than what you might have been used to in Decadance. Think disco, funk, soul and house. We will also make sure the new generation is included in our story. Just like I was given a chance to prove myself, young DJ’s will be given one here too”.

Contrast Club remains accessible to everyone: locals, students and ravers from any subculture.

Jacobs is not interested in booking huge artists. “We can’t compete with bigger clubs, so we know our strategy needs to be different. We want to make sure our club remains accessible to everyone: locals, students and ravers from any subculture”. For now, Contrast Club will invite a handful of local promoters to host their events on the coming weekends. The backyard terrace will host the occasional live stream event too.

On Thursday September 19, Contrast Club opens its doors for the first time with Emmanuel Satie (event page here). On Friday September 20, they have invited WLC and Ricky Razu (event page here). Follow Contract Club on Facebook to stay up to date.