Contrair opens Het Veld, a temporary open-air event space in Antwerp

Pictures by Annika Wallis


From July 1 onwards, small concerts and dance events will take place in a brand-new location.

The team behind the former Contrair nightclub couldn't stand by the sidelines after cancelling the second yearly Contrair Open Air festival in a row. Nestled in a cornfield at the border of Antwerp and Wommelgem, Het Veld will be the scene for concerts and parties from July 1 onwards. The venue, built from scratch, will be equipped to host events safely, ensuring social distancing in a completely open-air construction.

Those with little patience can visit Het Veld's food bar, which will already open its doors on May 12. For dedicated (daytime) dance events in the enormous wooden arena, we'll have to wait until the start of the summer holiday. "We expect to welcome at least 400 people in bubbles for a concert by then", says co-promoter Yves Massignani, which is very similar to the Contrair Open Air concerts the team organized in September 2020. "We are ready to do this again for a whole summer. Between you and me, we hope that as the summer progresses, we will be able to let in more people".

What kind of artists can we expect to play here this summer? "We want to keep it low-threshold, inclusive and accessible", Massignani says. "We have already been able to confirm a few national and international stars but will communicate about this later. If we receive a green light to host parties here, we'll host nights of our own, as well as nights hosted by other party promoters".