Contrair Open Air reveals full line-up with DJ Deeon, Ben UFO and more


Once a popular pop-up nightclub in Antwerp’s harbour district, Contrair has continued as an occasional rave on various locations in the meantime. For the second year now, they are taking the party outside. On Saturday June 22, the beautiful (and soon to be levelled) Noordkasteel forest will host the most ambitious Contrair event to date.

“We have 3 different stages now, one of which will be in a park corner that has never been used before”, explains co-promoter Yves Massignani, who also goes by the name A Local Hero. “This stage will be tucked away in a secret spot, so you’ll have to look for it”. Another stage is strictly focused on the art of back to back sets. “By playing alongside another DJ, both selectors are forced to leave their comfort zone – the results are always extraordinary”. Additionally, Contrair is doubling down on minimizing the ecological footprint. Exclusively serving vegetarian food on site is just one of the applaudable measures taken.

As always, the lineup is looking juicier than ever:

Ben UFO - DJ Deeon - Elias Mazian - Jane FItz - Jaël - Job Jobse - Luc Mast - Rachel Green - San Soda - Sandrien (house set) – Wantigga - A Local Hero - Bafana - Bjeor - Black Out Boy - Gurney Champion - Hush Hefner - Jonas Lion - Kiani & His Legion - KRANKk - Nico Juice - Wolfgang Sucks

Doesn’t look bad, right? Au contrair! If you fancy witnessing all of the above with a drink in your hand, your feet in the grass and the sun in your face, why not take a chance to win one of our 3 duo tickets? Fill in the form below if you’re feeling lucky.