Cirque Magique: orbiting towards its first lineup revelation


Every summer, festivals reign supreme in this tiny nation. With almost every weekend dominated by big, bigger or the biggest events, you would think that promoters would be discouraged to set up a new festival amidst all this competition. However, a handful of new initiatives have sprung up the last couple of years, each with their own unique view on what a festival should be like. One great example is Cirque Magique, which will take place in the quiet village of Ledegem for the third time this August.

With a strong visual concept, a dedicated lineup and a down to earth approach, this house and techno-centered festival appeals to fans because it offers what many others can’t: cosy festivities with like-minded people and a great atmosphere - all while remaining relatively small.

But why should we be particularly excited about this year’s edition? To find out, we asked Dries Claeys, founder of Cirque Magique, himself. “This summer we want to offer the complete experience with a new theme, ‘together in orbit’. In addition of sharing a unique journey through sound together, we will also push our visitors to explore the entire festival site: every stage and all the small, unique experiences scattered around, without becoming too fixated on one sound or genre. This is why we won’t be working with stage hosts this year by the way. We have been working very hard all year to guarantee that the lineup is going to be one to remember”. 

‘The complete experience’ is a term that gets tossed around pretty liberally the last few years. So how does Cirque Magique plan to outdo its competition? “A stellar lineup, solid soundsystem, tidy campsites, a wide variety of food and drinks, combined with cosy festival decorations is what we believe in”, Claeys explains.

He continues, “I’m happy to share the first confirmed act, by the way”. Now, that’s something we like to hear! “Dynamic signees Adriatique will deliver a top shelf set at Cirque Magique this year. We’re obviously extremely excited for that – as well as the rest of the lineup, a part of which we will share with you this evening if you’re interested”!

So there you have it. Adriatique will play Cirque Magique! If you’re down for a couple more revelations, head over to their page!

Cirque Magique will take place in Ledegem on August 4, 5 and 6, 2017. Information and tickets can be found here.

*Pictures by Leyla Hesna

Cirque Magique