Charlotte de Witte's KNTXT is going national.


The Facebook page description of KNTXT is quite clear: “a techno concept hosted by Charlotte de Witte in Fuse, Brussels”. And, although this is definitely true, things might change soon for one of the country’s best new techno concepts. In order to keep our finger on the pulse, we met up with the mind behind the party, who also happens to be Belgium’s first lady of techno, Charlotte de Witte.

First things first. Apparently, to de Witte’s occasional annoyance, not everyone is perfectly aware of the right pronunciation of ‘KNTXT’. “You’re supposed to pronounce it like you would pronounce the word ‘context’. I thought this was obvious, but even my own mom got it wrong”, she laughs. “I’ve heard people say ‘kinetics’ or even had them spell it out letter by letter”. That still doesn’t explain the reason why it’s spelled that way. “We deleted all the vowels and replaced the ‘C’ with a ‘K’. This way it just sounds a little more techno, don’t you think”? To be honest we couldn’t deny that.

You’re supposed to pronounce it like you would pronounce the word ‘context’. I thought this was obvious, but even my own mom got it wrong

So how did a successful night like KNTXT come about? “Fuse approached me to do a regular night together and I was instantly interested. The challenge has always been to find a balance between big names and acts that have ‘something different’”, explains de Witte. “Just a good techno night, you know”? That’s probably exactly what KNTXT looks like from an outsider’s perspective: dark, clean and simple. “That’s the point. It has always been about the music, so we never want to do anything that could undermine that. We want to keep the music - and everything that comes with it - raw, industrial and direct. The visuals by Malika fit this approach perfectly”.

Being an international superstar DJ who is playing clubs all over the world every weekend is not exactly the type of profession that allows you to put a lot of time in a frequently returning event. Although de Witte admits she is not doing all the hard work behind KNTXT: “Fuse is actually doing most of the work. I propose the bookings”. But that won’t be the case for much longer. “That will change soon as I want to be more actively involved”, she adds. 

Having a regular night at Belgium’s premier techno club is not something many can say - and de Witte seems to be very much aware of that. “I have been so lucky with this venue. It has put my event on the map, so the fanbase for the following editions has been made”.

This brings us to an interesting point: the future of KNTXT. With much enthusiasm de Witte follows up: “We’ve been working on it for quite some time, and with Fuse’s blessing we’re going to visit a lot more cities in Belgium. Ghent, Antwerp, Hasselt and maybe even editions in West-Flanders and in Wallonia soon. The aim is one KNTXT in every Belgian province before we expand internationally”. That sounds like a proper way to give the rest of the country a proper techno treatment.

Unfortunately, de Witte couldn’t give us a scoop of which names we can expect to hear on this new series of KNTXT nights. So instead we asked which DJs she would want to book in an ideal world without fees, tour schedules or any other possible restrictions. She responds without much hesitation: “Len Faki, Ben Klock, Rødhåd or Aggborough, who made one of THE tracks of the year with ‘In A Sieve’! I was so bummed to miss Len Faki at Kompass a couple of weeks ago because I had DJ duties in Lille. We might have to invite him again”, she adds with a wink.

So what’s next? “On January 23 I’m releasing my new EP on the Scottish label Sleaze Records and on February 24 we’re doing KNTXT’s second birthday party at Fuse (event page), which will also double as the release party of that EP”. That seems like a delicious recipe for a proper night out. As for the other upcoming KNTXT nights in Belgium, keep an eye out on all socials, as updates on new dates and venues will follow real soon!

*Pictures by Fille Roelants