Cellini's Red Bull Elektopedia Awards 2019 Soundtrack

Pictures by Annika Wallis


In 2018, Cellini was one of the three selected Most Promising Artists at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2019. Ever since, the Maasmechelen-born techno head has dropped a stellar debut EP and he has played massive events left and right. No better artist to ask for this year's soundtrack for the award ceremony. Listen to the excellent production and read Cellini's own remarks below.

Cellini: “It's not something that falls within my comfort zone and that made the thinking process so interesting. I started by looking back at what kind of energy it should generate, and which vibe should dominate at that particular moment of the show. Soon I realized that I should just go all out to wake up the audience. That's possible with straight forward techno, but I still wanted to go a little beyond that. The award ceremony brings together so different people from different scenes in one venue; that’s pretty unique. So I certainly wanted to take that into account. The end result is a 'Cellini sound’ that could fire everyone up, yet it has a universal character. Hence you’ll hear a lot of basslines and other elements that I wouldn't normally use in my own work".