Cellini presents Carbone theatre performance

Pictures by Annika Wallis


Cellini visualizes Italo-Belgian migration history with a unique theatre performance.

As a frequent guest on stages like Extrema Outdoor, Dour Festival, Pukkelpop and Fuse - and as   Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2018's Most Promising Artist, Cellini has proven himself as one of Belgium's most exciting techno and electronica producers. This time, however, Cellini has made a stellar theatre performance. Expect a special light show, dance and lots of specially composed electronic music. On stage, the producer will be joined by Danielle Flieswasser, Nina Munos and Justine Bourgeus (aka Tsar B - watch the tour documentary we did with her in Brazil right here).

Carbone is a personal story about life with a double identity and self-expression in a new homeland. "Immigration of Italians abroad to the Limburg mining towns is something that I've always found fascinating", Cellini explains. "As I try to find a foothold in my background and roots, I noticed that these stories are becoming increasingly scarce. The community is merely a memory; there is no real community anymore today. It is my ambition to tell the story of a generation that took this big step. 'Carbone' is a tribute to both my grandfathers who passed away last year, and who have always encouraged me to be proud of my story and roots. This is a tribute to all those who leave their country for a better future".

The performance will take place around a white screen, where a documentary with testimonies of the first generation of Italo-Belgians will be shown. Behind the screen, you can expect interaction between musicians and performers - a symbiosis where image, dance, and music merge and reinforce each other.

So far, these are the confirmed dates:

24/09: CC Hasselt

02/10: CC Maasmechelen

There are still some tickets left for both shows. Act quickly to avoid disappointment.