Cellini presents new theatre performance 'Carbone'

Pictures by Annika Wallis


Cellini visualizes Italo-Belgian migration history with a unique theatre performance.

As a frequent guest on stages like Tomorrowland, Dour Festival, Pukkelpop and Fuse, Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2018's Most Promising Artist has proven himself as one of Belgium's most exciting techno and electronica producers. Today, he announces a project you may not have seen coming. This fall, the Maasmechelen native will present an immersive theatre performance with a special light show, dance and lots of specially composed electronic music. On stage, Cellini will be joined by Danielle Flieswasser and Justine Bourgeus (aka Tsar B - watch the tour documentary we did with her in Brazil right here). 

Carbone is a personal story about life with a double identity and self-expression in a new homeland. "Immigration of Italians abroad to the Limburg mining towns is something that I've always found fascinating", Cellini explains. "As I try to find a foothold in my background and roots, I noticed that these stories are becoming increasingly scarce. The community is merely a memory; there is no real community anymore today. It is my ambition to tell the story about a generation that took this big step. 'Carbone' is a tribute to both my grandfathers who passed away last year, and who have always encouraged me to be proud of my story and roots. This is a tribute to all those who leave their country for a better future".

The performance will take place around a white screen, where a documentary with testimonies of the first generation of Italo-Belgians will be shown. Behind the screen, you can expect interaction between musicians and performers - a symbiosis where image, dance, and music merge and reinforce each other.

So far, these are the confirmed dates:

- October 30: Cultuurcentrum Maasmechelen

- November 19: Cultuurcentrum Hasselt (CCHa)