Celebration of Life: Trix and Fanklub double down on nightlife with massive party weekend

Pictures by George Nebieridze


On November 19 and 20, Fanklub and Trix invite six promoters for a colossal celebration of diverse club culture.

Since their start almost two decades ago, music venue Trix has established itself as Antwerp’s go-to location for some of the best live music the world has to offer. For a large part, attention has mainly been focused on live concerts, recording studios and workshop activities for beginning artists. From now on, however, nightlife will play a much more significant part in the Trix program. To kick off this new chapter, they have teamed up with Fanklub, a legendary event organization that held its first events over 17 years ago (later, the team would also host the popular Blast Your Ghetto, Hello You and Scandals events). After all this time, Trix and Fanklub join forces for Celebration of Life, a massive nightlife event that unites different leading collectives in Europe’s music scene that share Fanklub's attitude, vision and spirit. We spoke with Trix’ nightlife coordinator Tom Vandenhove.

What makes Celebration of Life unique? What can we expect exactly?

“Trix has had a fair share of nightlife events in the past, but transforming the entire building into a rave with six different parties under the same roof is quite special. Moreover, we're doing this in cooperation with Fanklub, who in turn joined forces with other free-spirited and like-minded event collectives. So expect deliciously hard techno in one room and sing-along disco and pop hits in another, a combination we are very much looking forward to.”

Transforming the entire Trix building into a rave with six different parties under the same roof is quite special.

“Cutting to the chase: we have invited Possession (the techno collective from Paris), Herrensauna (the iconic queer concept from Berlin), Gay Haze from Brussels, drag collective House of Lux, Antwerp pop concept All The Lovers and Fanklub's very own event SCANDALS. In addition, the stage hosts will bring a few artists from their backgrounds, such as VTSS, Octo Octa B2B Eris Drew and Hector Oaks. A large indoor festival with these names and crews together is a milestone for our venue and city in general.”

Is this the first sign of a new direction for Trix?

“It’s just an extra direction. The desire and demand to take Trix back into nightlife has been there for a long time but has only recently gained momentum due to, among other things, the great relation with Fanklub. We are constantly on the lookout for what’s going on in the music scene. Hence, nightlife could just not be left out anymore. Our new nighttime programming will therefore be an addition to our regular activities.”

What’s your take on the current state of nightlife in Antwerp?

“It’s been a rough ride for Antwerp’s nightlife scene in the past few years, but it's great to see so many events retaking place. The desire to party is still there, and so are the talented people who want to organize parties. At Trix, we have an extensive network within the arts and music scene, and we like to think about how we can strengthen the new generation of artists and promoters looking for venues and opportunities. This is how we put Antwerp on the map. The future looks bright again.”