Catching up with Cellini.

Pictures by Annika Wallis


Only a couple of months have passed since our last talk with Gianmarco Cellini, but it seems the young Belgian Techno producer made some remarkable progress in such a short time span. While Cycle Four, his collaboration concept with the institute Fuse is picking up pace, Cellini is already planning his next moves in a meticulous way. We caught up with this young prospect to see what he is up to. But that’s not all: The man was so kind to offer us the premiere of his debut track, ‘Minerva’, which will be released on Lyase Recordings. Prepare for a Techno stomper which has proven itself on many dancefloors. 

You're a very young gun in the scene, but already you’re receiving a lot of praise from renowned DJs like Charlotte de Witte, Goldfox and organizations like Fuse and Lyase Recordings. What has been your big break recently? 

”I’m honoured to receive the support from these institutes, and I guess that this has also been my major motivation. On top of that the upcoming release on Lyase Recordings is an absolute milestone for me. I couldn’t wish for a better platform on which to release my debut track. These elements, together with the right gigs on the right moment, brought me to where I’m standing today.”

You have a close bond with Fuse and together you’re hosting the Cycle Four concept. What’s the story behind it? 

Cycle Four is a concept based on a couple of things. First, we like to embrace creativity in the scene. We invite artists who are pushing their sets just a bit further. Artists who are not afraid of taking risks and who are somehow in connection with my music. It’s an intimate night where we embrace the energy of a certain set in all possible ways. One of the decisions we made was banning flash photography on the dancefloor. We also discourage the use of smartphones in general during the night. Cycle Four is all about being fully present in the moment and experiencing the set and energy in the best possible way. “

Your very first all-nighter is coming up at the next Cycle Four edition. Excited? 

”That's the least you could say... An all-nighter is definitely something special but an all-nighter in the Fuse Motion room while Tale Of Us is taking care of room one is something I couldn’t even imagine in my dreams. Nights like these are the cherry on the cake. I get the opportunity to tell my story in perfect circumstances.”

You’re very devoted to making music. You even went to Nepal to do some field recording. What’s the motivation behind your production process?

”I made the trip to Nepal for two reasons: First, Nepal was a place where I could get inspired. Its atmosphere and ‘spiritual’ feel have somehow always triggered me. Experiences like visiting monasteries set up in the mountains and talking to monks left a huge impression on me. Going on this trip solo was an amazing experience, and it had a big influence on my life and my music. In general, my music has a wandering, deep and hypnotic side to it, which is definitely an influence I brought back from Nepal. Secondly, I tried to capture the atmosphere and the moment with my portable recorder. I took it everywhere with me and recorded small elements to add in my music. You can hear those elements in most of my forthcoming tracks. Sometimes it could be the tick on a singing bowl, which I transformed to the sound of a hi-hat, or some surround recordings which I put through a lot of effects. The most important thing for me is to add acoustic sounds in my music. I make electronic music, but I love the contrast between these electronic and analog sounds. This the best way to express myself.”

You’ve provided us with the premiere of ‘Minerva', your debut track. What can you tell us about it? 

“’Minerva’ will be released March 9, on Lyase Recordings, which is an Italian label led by Nima Tahmasebi and Whitesquare, two amazing producers I really look up to. The track will be released on a compilation, together with tracks by Nima Tahmasebi, Whitesquare, Japanese producer RS and Messiah Waits from South Korea. The cool thing about this release is that we’re producers from all over the world with totally different profiles but actually fit together very well. There is a very strong overarching atmosphere. The track itself is deep and hypnotic. At first, I wasn’t convinced of the fact that this track would be my debut. I left the idea for a while and picked it up a couple of months ago. I made some final adjustments and started playing it. It was the crowd that gave me the confirmation that this track needed to be my debut. Playing it at KNTXT before Charlotte de Witte was about to take over the decks just gave me goosebumps. Seeing that kind of crowd go crazy on one of your tracks is something special. I’m extremely excited to finally share the track and I hope everyone will enjoy it.”

How does your schedule for 2018 look like? 

“Things are going fast. Sometimes I really need to pinch myself to realize what’s actually going on. The summer is filled with some of the coolest festivals in Europe, and we’re also looking for some options in Asia as well! The step to international bookings is something very cool and I can’t wait to announce the first gigs. I’m also about to finish a couple of tracks that will be released in the near future. Long story short: I’m putting everything in a higher gear and I’m definitely not planning to slow down. My next gig will be at Le Cadran in Liège, together with Amelie Lens, on March 9. The same day as the release of Minerva! Double party!“

Keep an eye on Cellini's Facebook page for more tracks and updates.