C12 starts record label with massive 10-part compilation


In these times, the music business has to find different ways of staying relevant - and perhaps there is no better example of that than the celebrated Brussels-based nightclub. C12 is happy to announce they started a record label under the same name, releasing the first EP two weeks ago. Today, they have released the second one. Both EP's are part of a series of ten called 'Social Distancing', with a new one being released every two weeks.

All participating artists are involved are Belgian or strongly connected to the Brussels music scene. Some of these are   Le Motel, Stellar OM Source, A.Brehme, Front De Cadeaux, Davy, OCB Casa Voyager, Techno Triller, Orphan Swords, Different Fountains, Bear Bones Lay Low, Gols, as well as the C12 residents Session 4000, Kafim and Chris Ferreira. Some of the EP's will be curated by the female artist promotion platform Psst Mlle, and queer culture collective Bénédiction.

Social Distancing 1.2 EP is out today and offers six tracks with a more electro-oriented sound by Cabasa, Hadone, Datawave, VFO89, Arsonist Recorder and Bleep Simulator. The focus on upcoming releases will shift towards IDM-electro, techno, breakbeat, experimental, EBM, cosmic and house music amongst other genres.

All music will be available on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify (soon) and Bandcamp. Five hundred free downloads are enabled for each track through the Bandcamp page, where you can also make donations to support the club and the artists involved.