BUGATTI, BUGATTI, BUGATTI: Glints is grazing on new single.


Antwerp based urban artist Jan Maarschalk Lemmens aka Glints has spoiled us in the past with a contagious blend of hip hop, rnb and indie. Although there was no sign of new music in almost a year, his gig at the latest edition of Pukkelpop was a personal milestone and much talked about.

Today Glints returns with Bugatti a track containing layered choirs, dizzying percussion and a striking chorus. The new single also appears to be the precursor of a much-awaited debut album. High time to have a ‘Bugatti’ chat with Jan.

It’s been little less than a year since you released your last EP, ‘Burgundy'. What have you been up to in the meantime?

I’ve mainly been working on my debut album. I’ve spent more time than ever before in the studio, writing practically every day. Meeting and working with new people. Collaborating with other artists, co-writing with people. Basically, broadening my horizon creatively.

Your new single ‘Bugatti' sounds way different in comparison with your previous work. How come?

I do agree that it’s something entirely different from the previous EP, but I also think that my second EP differed profoundly from the first one. I don’t like repeating myself. So as always, I’m trying something else, hopefully something new and innovative. It’s what I felt like doing, what felt right.

Is there a change in direction in play for all your new material?

It won’t be an album full of Bugatti’s, that would a bit much. But in some sense the track is some sort of indicator as to what I’m working on. I upped my rap-game, and right now we’re just having fun with it.

Who or what has influenced your current writing process the most?

I always envisioned a crew of people who share my vision, taste and passion, and I feel like I’ve come closer than ever before to achieving this. Every aspect is covered by someone in-house. When I decide what I’m going to do with a certain track, I select my guys who specialize in what the track needs. Whether it’s a string arrangement, an intricate bass pattern, or crazy percussion.

One person who has definitely impacted my writing and creation process is Yong Yello, who produced Bugatti. He is a natural, we have a profound musical connection and I practically live in his studio. It’s a 5-minute walk from my place so that’s also pretty convenient.

With such explicit lyrics, we just have to ask: What’s the story behind Bugatti?

It’s a track about experimenting with drugs gone wrong. It’s taking pills with no food in your stomach and a lot of booze in your system. It’s a track about entering a dark zone in your psyche and the fear of getting stuck there. I could say that it’s based on a true story, but I don’t want to hurt my mum’s feelings so let’s just say that it’s a story. (laughs).

What else can we expect from Glints in 2018?

Hopefully you’ll be able to spot me all over the festivals this summer, but my main focus is killing that debut album.

‘Bugatti’ is out now on PIAS. Follow Glints’ Facebook Page to stay up to date on all the latest news.

Pictures and artwork: Iljen Put, Thor Kristiaan