Red Bull Elektropedia presents:

Bonzai Records - The Story


  1. Intro
  2. Chapter One - Shouldn’t you stop being a waiter? Isn’t there anything else you’d like to do? -
  3. Chapter Two - R&S is doing great, but why don’t you start a label? -
  4. Chapter Three - We just wanted to make good music, release it, and party! -
  5. Chapter Four - You could just put a DJ name on a T-shirt and everybody wanted one. -
  6. Chapter Five - There is the bag, figure it out -
  7. Chapter Six - When you went out or you played a Bonzai track, you just knew the roof would come down. -
  8. Chapter Seven - We said, M.I.K.E, this is the A-side. -
  9. Chapter Eight - And then all of a sudden, you lost everything. -
  10. Chapter Nine - Let the Bonzai flag fly again. -

This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of Belgium’s most iconic dance labels: Bonzai. The importance this local powerhouse had on ravers and dancefloors worldwide was just astonishing. Multiple generations of fans have grown up with these timeless classics that span from trance to progressive, or the sturdier electronic genres. From bringing out the first record to ultimately becoming a global force with around a dozen sub-labels and hundreds of releases to date, Bonzai have engraved themselves in the definitive history of dance music.

To mark this special occasion that is a quarter century of Bonzai, Red Bull Elektropedia has teamed up with the guys behind this legendary institution to bring you this exclusive one hour documentary, showing you the story of the record label and the worldwide impact it had on the electronic music scene.