Belgium’s power siblings: a quick Roméo Elvis & Angèle interview

Pictures by Annika Wallis & Daniil Lavrovski


The Red Bull Elektropedia Awards dust may have settled, but the award show’s big winner is grinding harder than ever. Angèle took home Artist of the Year, Best Track and Best Breakthrough Artist at Flagey. More recently, she struck gold three times at the D6bels Music Awards (Female Artist of the Year, Album Of The Year and Song of the Year), the MIA's ('Best Breakthrough', 'Solo Female', and 'Best Artwork') and the prestigious Victoires De La Musique (Best Debut Album and Best Video) - the French music industry award that launched the careers of countless francophone acts (like Stromae for example). Belgium’s biggest rap star, Damso, was crowned with a well-deserved first place in the Best Rap Album category for 'Lithopédion'.

This just goes to show that there’s no stopping a Van Laeken. Roméo, Angèle’s older brother, already proved everything there is to prove. Together, they are a killer combo, each working their way up in their own unique fashion. We were lucky to catch these talented siblings in Red Bull Elektropedia’s backstage for a quick chat about awards, collaborations and the future. 

Have you guys made music together already?

R: We have made some music together. We even did a concert together about 6 months ago.

A: Yes, we were arguing the whole time! But up until that moment, we never got around doing a show together.

R: It went down perfectly!

Angèle, you won no less than 3 gold medals at the last edition of the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. How does that feel?

A: It was already a major honour to be nominated in just one category, so this result feels almost absurd! Winning these awards feels crazy.

R: Even though I didn’t win Artist Of The Year, I was sure Angèle would win. Just to be second in this category feels incredible already. It’s great my little sister surpassed me!

What’s on the schedule now?

A: To be honest, quite a lot. Some new gigs, I will finish my tour, Roméo will release his new album, etc. We will never run out of things to do. What’s better is that even more people are following our moves now. This gives us more motivation to work on different projects. It feels like we are constantly climbing a staircase. I hope there won’t be a day where we fall down (laughs)! But for the moment more and more is coming our way, so it’s all good.

It feels like we are constantly climbing a staircase. I hope there won’t be a day when we fall down!

So will you be working working working all the time?

R: Of course. Ever since Angèle was a little kid, she always played the piano, performed on stage, etc. Exercise is the key for everything.

A: True that. Ever since we started, we knew this. From the moment things start rolling, there are shows, things to do, etc. At the same time, it’s an exciting job that we have to do properly. Yes, it demands a lot of energy and proper preparation beforehand, but in the end we love what we do. I don’t want to come across ungrateful, but yeah, there are a lot of gigs, especially for him!

R: Well, the both of us! We both toured a lot this summer. Work pays off.