Belgium - The Vinyl Frontier Part II


Remember how we made the book Belgium - The Vinyl Frontier for Record Store Day 2014, and how all 1,000 copies sold out in less than 90 minutes?

"So why don't you just print some more?" Well, because that sort of beats the purpose of making a limited edition book. Plus: we actually like the fact that, in order to still get your hands on a printed copy, you will have to dig really hard. After all, it's a book about (vinyl) diggers, right?

At the same time, we don't want to be cruel. With so many people expressing interest in the book's content - interviews with Belgian vinyl lovers Lefto, Red D, Stefaan Vandenberghe, Lorin Deforce, Raphael Christophe, Thierry Steuve and Lars Cosemans - we felt we had to do something. So we asked photographer Thomas Sweertvaegher to dive into his archive and resurface with unpublished pictures of the protagonists in Belgium - The Vinyl Frontier. We also asked music aficionado Koen Galle (aka Kong) to visit two more notorious vinyl diggers: Sven Van Hees and Ziggy Devriendt (aka Nosedrip).

Instead of printing another book, we decided to put both new and old interviews on a special website: The website will be updated from time to time with new interviews, new pictures and other indispensable information. So hit the link, get on the mailing list and drool over some truly amazing record collections!

Bit of a warning though: visiting will make you want to buy every single vinyl record during this year's Record Store Day on April 18.