Belgian Beats for Care compilation in support of AZG/MSF


Like many others in the music industry, Brice Deloose (one-third of the Brussels-based house-electro trio   Sparkling Bits) was wondering how he could do his part in supporting a good cause. Over a couple of weeks, Deloose asked 14 other Belgian producers to contribute a track to a brand new music compilation. Other than Sparkling Bits,   KNUFF, Polarized, DJ Odilon, Kuna Maze, John Parm, R.O, Ozferti, GRISFX, Shakmat, George.tte and Aeormancist & Steezy  are some of the names on the list.

The result is a versatile collection of 100% Belgian bedroom beats that vary from the lo-fi electronica to the harder house realms. The compilation is available on Bandcamp as of today for a pay-what-you-want fee. All proceeds will go to support the cause of MSF/AZG.

Another interesting detail is that Bandcamp has announced another 24-hours of waiving their revenue shares on May 1. This means that if you support the compilation on Friday, 100% of your fee will go straight to MSF/AZG.