As Heard In Belgium: Rampage special with Murdock

Pictures by Robin 'Kemizz' Goossens


The time for heavy raving is upon us: on March 2 and 3, Antwerp’s Sportpaleis will burst at the seams. An explosive production and 15.000 ecstatic drum ‘n' bass fans will make sure this weekend will go down in history as the biggest and baddest of all parties. Head honcho Murdock was happy to compile a little playlist with a selection of productions by artists that represent the Belgian flag – and we added a tiny tiny interview to go along with it for good measure. Junglists, time to prepare for D-Day with this Rampage special of ‘As Heard In Belgium’!

Not everyone would know how it feels to throw a weekender in Belgium's biggest venue. Can you describe the daily stress levels you have to deal with?

"It’s pretty stressful alright. Basically, there’s nothing else we can do other than keep grinding hard. It’s cool that people pretty much assume we sell out every time, but we don’t ever make that assumption. Every day, we re-evaluate the promo campaign, we think of new things to make the experience better for the visitors, we tackle unforeseen obstacles and have to follow up on a million and one things we set in motion earlier on."

Doing an event like this is about the highest step a promoter could reach. What could possibly be your next move after this?

"I don’t know if there is a next move. If both days sell out, we’ll have sold over 30.000 tickets. That’s more than most open air festivals do. We are currently already preparing things for the 2019 edition, and maybe after March 2 and 3, we’ll get some time to breathe and think up something to push this event even further. For now, and like every year before, the idea is to make sure everyone leaves the place happy and completely baffled."

Many of these names are stellar acts that have a rich discography, but there are some emerging artists peppered in there too. Which ones did you want to put forward for the gig of their lifetime?

"Rampage is a mix of underground up-and-comers and established acts. This time around, I think we did great by inviting Kings of the Rollers, which is the new combo of Serum, Voltage and Bladerunner, backed by MC Inja. All four of them have been making waves for years on a solo tip, and their joint efforts are now only just emerging, just in time for the hype for Rampage."

Amongst these two dozen names: pick one (ok, maybe two or three) acts that you can't wait to see perform yourself.

"The live show Camo & Krooked are preparing (for now) exclusively for Rampage is going to be out of this world for sure. These guys are on the same production level than acts like Flume, Stephan Bodzin and Aphex Twin - and they would be headlining the biggest festivals if only they hadn’t picked drum ‘n' bass as their main genre!"

Rampage takes place at Sportpaleis on Friday, March 2, and Saturday, March 3. For the full lineup, tickets and more information, head over to its website. See you there!