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As Heard In Belgium, November 2015

As Heard In Belgium, November 2015

Here's our pick of the fifteen hottest electronic music tracks in Belgium right now - no restrictions, no boundaries! Got any suggestions for us? Email

1. RBExclusive: ULYSSE - Cashmere Guns

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2. RBExclusive: YellowStraps x Le Motel - Hold Me Tight

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3. RBExclusive: Russel Clay - Raging Monkey

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4. Don't Go

Halibab Matador

5. Zhongguo

Polar Youth

6. Something About Us feat Emy Zaluzna

No Tv No Radio

7. Dont Love Your Take - Away (Stbb449)

Freddy Bracker

8. Batârd (IRUSU Remix)


9. TUSK - Secret Door (Latence Remix)


10. Morgan Abend - Colour

Crown Collective

11. Fuck It, I Quit (Prod. by Arbus Beats)

Woodie Smalls

12. Midnite Clap (Free download)


13. Geht's Noch? - London (Dub)


14. 444