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As Heard In Belgium, July 2015

As Heard In Belgium, July 2015

Here's our pick of the fifteen hottest electronic music tracks in Belgium right now - no restrictions, no boundaries! Got any suggestions for us? Email

1. Bunker (Vuurwerk Endless Summer Remix)


2. RBExclusive: goldFFinch - Brother

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3. RBExclusive: Palermo Disco Squad - Palermo Theme

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4. ☀️ Summertimeisalive ☀️


5. Beazar - And Above All (Original Mix)

Say What? Recordings

6. RBExclusive: Sjaaf - Gold Tempest

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7. Premiere: Raw District 'Her Mind' (Martin Buttrich remix)


8. RBExclusive: Maxim Lany - Droga (Original Mix)

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9. No Tv No Radio - Deep In The Forest

Future Beats Records

10. RBExclusive: Mr Mist - Feel Like Lovin

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11. RBExclusive: The MVZE - Orphan

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12. Stromae - Carmen (Handsome Habibi Remix)


13. Marco Bailey - Don't You Want Me (Original Mix) [Drumcode]

Marco Bailey

14. Kevin Murphy - You Can Fall Into My Arms (R.O Remix) [Premiere]

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