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As Heard In Belgium, December 2015

As Heard In Belgium, December 2015

Here's our pick of the fifteen hottest electronic music tracks in Belgium right now - no restrictions, no boundaries! Got any suggestions for us? Email

1. Sirens


2. Better Days


3. Escalate

Tsar B

4. Middle Man Prod. Sokoto


5. winter

Halibab Matador

6. I House You || Senga

Hot Record Société

7. "H" Friend (GoldFFinch Remix)

Black Devil Disco Club

8. RBExclusive: The Subs - Early Morning

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9. Phonat - Fire (feat. Jolie and the Key) [Arches Remix]


10. Weltschmerz (Original Mix)

Charlotte de Witte

11. RBExclusive: Cachette - Eyjafjallajökull

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12. RBExclusive: Gan Gah - The Snake Dance

Red Bull Elektropedia

13. LAWU


14. Shamanic State [Free Download]