A closer look at KleinHouse Open Air.


After hosting the opening night of Antwerp's newest nightlife hotspot Contrair a few weeks ago, the folks behind KleinHouse are busy preparing for their outdoor event on May 20. Throughout the years, the crew has brought the talents of Ejeca, Job Jobse, Rampa and Konstantin Sibold to our country. We had a little chat with KleinHouse’s Yves Massigniani to find out what’s on the horizon.

Hi Yves. What can we expect from the third edition of KleinHouse Open Air?

"With our annual Open Air event, we’re aiming to offer our visitors a special and personal experience. Think great electronic music, visual arts, handcrafted decorations by our crew and culinary delights. All of this in a wonderful green environment. Next to the central main stage, this year we’ve added an extra “open decks”-stage for whoever wants to plug in his USB stick and play some tunes."

So, besides the music, the event will be quite a spectacle for the senses?

"Absolutely! We’ve collaborated with twenty talented visual artists who designed various installations that will be integrated throughout the festival field. Food and drink wise, we’re presenting our guests a “discovery” zone where they can taste special beers and even snack on an tasty insect burger. Not to worry, there are plenty of other food options for those a little less adventurous!"

You know how people say: "what’s in a name"? Well, we’ve always wondered where the name KleinHouse comes from.

"Well, back in the day, our first ever event was originally going to take place on a private property near a beautiful lake. Exactly at the spot where we wanted to set up the stage, there was this cute little house. At the time, we thought it was a cool idea to base our name on it, hence the name of the festival. But even today, it still embodies what we stand for: a cozy event that’s all about intimacy and sharing a great day with like minded festivalgoers."

Here's who you can expect behind the decks during the third KleinHouse Open Air on May 20: Gerd Janson, Pender Street Steppers, Call Super, Moxie, Roman Flügel, Palms Trax, Elias Mazian and Hush Hefner!

More info and tickets here.

KleinHouse Open Air