A chat with this year's Best Breakthrough Artist: Zwangere Guy

Pictures by Jan Opdekamp & Thomas Sweertvaegher


You know you won’t have a dull award show when inviting Zwangere Guy over. Not only was the ‘Brusseleir’ nominated for no less than six categories, he was also so kind to hand out the award for Best MC - and he succeeded in destroying our microphones while doing so. As the man won the prize for Best Breakthrough Artist, he had good reason to celebrate and to leave his mark on the official after party. For his and our own good, we called him up two days after the awards. 

So, Zwangere Guy, how did the morning after treat you?

"I was massively hungover. I can’t recall too much of the after party. Classic (laughs). I even lost my awards. I just found a 10cm piece of a vinyl award in my pocket this morning. But hey, I’ll steal another one from Roméo Elvis (laughs)."

“Ik geef gene fak” is one of your catchphrases, meaning “I don’t give a f*ck”. How do you feel about winning the Breakthrough Artist Award?

"Well, to be honest, it was the award that I secretly wanted to win badly. It’s true, normally I don’t give a fuck, but for this award I do give a small fuck. Call me corny Guy (laughs). The last year has been so crazy and it’s not even over yet. It just keeps on coming and I feel really blessed."

When starting as Zwangere Guy, did you predetermined an Elektropedia Award as an objective?

"For me it’s very interesting to win it now, but I wouldn’t say that I projected this award as a milestone or such. Me and Red Bull Elektropedia do have a special relationship. I got kicked out of the 2016 awards for making a fuzz. I couldn’t cope with the fact that STIKSTOF didn’t win the award for best video. I’m a sore loser. I think this was the seventh edition, and I do like were the Awards are going nowadays. In the early days, the ceremony always took place before I Love Techno. Guys from labels like Vlek and Bepotel, who are friends of mine, would always attend. Maybe it was directed too much at electronic music? The gradual move to hip hop does feel pleasant. I’m not saying they should change it to the 'Urban Awards' or something, but the mash up of different styles makes it more interesting. When you see all the nominees and the people attending the awards, you do get a good image of all these genres and scenes. I get the impression all these people are working hard and going for it."

You were also nominated in a few other categories. Which other award would you like to have won?

"Winning the Best Video Award together with STIKSTOF would have been sweet. And maybe Best Remix together with Peet from Le 77. He would deserve it. The guy works very hard."

You’ve already mentioned 2017 was a crazy year. What will 2018 have in store for you?

"Well I’ll mainly be focusing on STIKSTOF. However, I will not disappear completely, I don’t want that. I think I can work hard enough for both projects. There will be a few singles and in the meantime, I’ll be writing some album material, which should drop early 2019. I'm going to be a little less present, but I’ll try to do some good festivals and concerts. I’ll take it as it comes. It’s hard to surpass last year’s craziness."

We’ll be having an interview with Roméo Elvis and Le Motel too. Is there something you want to ask them?

"Yeah, where do they keep their awards? (laughs)"

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