A. Brehme: hypersensitive deep techno


Frankly, we were a bit surprised when we received the press release for A. Brehme’s debut EP. In a short period, the deejay/producer became so established within the techno scene, we thought he already released several EP’s by now. The man is not only known for sculpting intense sets and hypnotizing records, but also for his residencies in dynamic organizations such as Technoon, Hertz and Ohm.

After a long span of time in the studio, he’s finally ready to drop his debut EP and Red Bull Elektropedia is happy to provide you with an exclusive track, Hata Isler. Although Arnaud Roobaert barely got off his flight back from Waking Life in Portugal, the man was so kind to contribute to a little interview. 

Hey Arnaud, tell us a bit about your musical journey. How did A. Brehme come about?

My interest in music started at an early stage in my life. When I was a seven-year-old-boy, I was already attracted to the New Beat and EBM records of my parents. At the age of fifteen I started partying at Structure Béton, an underground club with an industrial setting in the heart of the Brussels channel district. At that time I was mostly interested in drum-‘n-bass, but it definitely sparked my enthusiasm for club and dj culture. As time went on, my preference started to shift to deep techno music. Nowadays I’m an audiophile with a concerning obsession about music. Next to producing and deejaying, I’m also responsible for purchasing the techno selection of Crevette Records, a record store in Brussels.

You're no young gun in the techno scene. There has passed some time between your first track on Coincidence Records in 2014 and your debut EP. Was this a conscious choice?

It’s hard to say. Due to certain events and changes in my life I couldn’t fully focus on producing music. All that changed in the past few months. Now that I have a new studio, I have found the full dedication, inspiration and confidence to devote myself to making music.

You are releasing this EP through the Form and Function collective. Could you tell us more about this new project?

Form and Function is a new Brussels initiative with a lot of like-minded Belgian artists with whom I get along very well on personal as well as a musical level. It’s both a label and an agency which has the main goal to put local talent in the spotlight and to provide them with the support that they need. We should be more proud of our undiscovered Belgian talent and a collective like this acknowledges this.

How does your creative process look like when you’re in the studio? What do you start with? And what does your studio setup look like?

I usually try to start with a jam of four to eight bars, that make up the core of the track. As soon as the idea takes an interesting form, I’ll work it out completely. My studio setup consists of the following: Elektron Analog Rhythm, Waldorf Blofeld, Genelec 8330A, KRK Exposé 10, Soundcraft EPM8, Korg SQ1, Arturia Beatstep Pro, a modular synthesizer, Jomox T-Resonator and more.

Your tracks do have an intriguing sound and denomination. How would you describe it and what’s your inspiration?

I can best describe it as the sound of a ‘momentum’. Since some Intiyat EP tracks use ethnic elements, most titles are derived from Eastern cultures. A culture that fascinates me greatly. Brussels currently is a real breeding ground for talent, both in electronic music and beyond. Everyone who makes music with passion. We usually tend not to showcase our talent too much, therefore we need to make extra effort, so that the hidden gems get the attention they deserve.

You’re also the driving forces behind the Sonata Forma concept. Could you enlighten us about it?

Sonata Forma is a club night where I invite artists who closely match my musical taste. Next September, we’ll host the third edition in Fuse. In addition, I'm also expanding the concept to a label and the first vinyl release is scheduled for the end of this year. Additionally, there’s also a release in the works on Siwei Recordings, which will see the light somewhere this year and I'll keep on spending time in the studio.

Want to know more on A.Brehme his future endeavors? Stay informed on the man his Facebook and Soundcloud page.