Full Colorz: 5 years of beats and basslines in Liège.

Pictures by Full Colorz archives


In an environment where competition is tough, it sure is an impressive achievement for any music event to mark its fifth year in nightlife. Meet Audrey Di Troia, the driving force behind Full Colorz, a party that has been celebrating the diversity of the hip hop and beat scene in all its shapes and colours in the bubbling city of Liège. With a recent expansion of activities as an artist agency, Audrey has a lot to celebrate for. On the schedule Thursday, May 10, and Friday, May 11: a double date, filled with Belgian and international live and DJ acts, spread over two of the most exciting venues in town - Reflektor and KulturA. In anticipation of a slice of the birthday cake, we hit up Audrey with a few questions we were dying to ask. Oh, yeah, you should scroll down to enter our competition if you'd like to win an event pass!

Five years! How has the ride been so far?

"It's been a rollercoaster, really. It was financially challenging to organize high quality events with such limited means. However, in the end, it was totally worth it. And I’m very happy to be where I am now. It's a privilege to be able to mix passion and work. Music is my life."

You’re not quite a traditional booking agency, you’re a full-on event promotion office too. What came first? Or were both aspects always linked together for you guys?

"Back in 2013, when Full Colorz was founded, we just promoted parties and shows throughout Liège. Over time, we hosted a great number of DJs and beatmakers such as Lefto, Grems, Fulgeance, Submerse, Chief, Kidkanevil, Clap! Clap!, STUFF., Mndsgn, Suff Daddy, DJ Odilon and a lot more. Fast forward to 4 years later, and I made the decision to train myself in musical production and artist management because I felt that was the next step for Full Colorz. So, October 2017, I launched the artist agency - at last."

Any memorable moments during those five years that you want to share with us?

"Not really a particular moment; it’s a hard pick with so many amazing DJs and live shows over the years."

What about the anniversary? On the first night, you have some interesting live sets from Belgian talent like Ninjato, Olvo and Ozferti (amongst many others). Any names we should keep a special eye on?

"The main idea for this fifth anniversary is to introduce most of the artists on my roster to a mixed audience of fans, music lovers and professionals. I could say you should keep an eye on everyone, without exception, but if I really have to drop a few names, then I’d say Cabasa, DJ Oil, Lexis, Kuna Maze, Medline, Quiet Dawn and the Supafly Collective. Additionally, it was important for me to add La Liesse & Albalianza, two collectives of DJs and promoters from Liège that share the same vibe."

Two days, at two of Liège’s best music venues: Reflektor and KulturA. Tell us a little more about those venues...

"I've been collaborating with Reflektor ever since they opened in 2015. Before that, there was no venue with that level of sound quality in the city. And I had already been working with KulturA, or Live Club as it was called before it was renamed a year ago. With the name change came a different approach to music promotion and organisation. I really appreciate how its many collaborators refurbished the place with a superb new interior design; they even added a vegan snack bar upstairs! I’m sure both Reflektor and KulturA are perfectly compatible with each other."

How is the nightlife in Liège doing anyway?

"It's not the best, but it's not the worst either. Musically, it can be narrow-minded, but the Liègeois’ enthusiasm and warm attitude always turn the night into a success."

What’s your ultimate goal for Full Colorz?

"To help artists achieve the success they deserve in Belgium and abroad."

The next edition of Full Colorz is taking place at Reflektor on Thursday, May 10, and KulturA on Friday, May 11. For more information, lineups and tickets, hit up the Facebook event page and website.

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