5 Years FloorFiller: a remarkable journey


It’s no secret that Belgians excel in festive entrepreneurship. Electronic music concepts are almost as omnipresent as frites-shops. However, not all organizations are built to last. And if they make it to the five-year milestone - like FloorFiller -, we tend to take a closer look. The underground collective from Limburg started as a party promotor, but, in the meantime, it added festival organization, a digital label and artist agency to its services. And it did all of this while hosting productions with acts by the techno-elite like Jeff Mills, Ame, DJ Tennis, Mathias Tanzman, Nina Kraviz and many, many, many more. As anniversaries are an exquisite moment to look back and forward, we met up with Möbius Franssen (FF Marketing Manager) to discuss FloorFiller’s past, present and future. 

First of all, happy birthday FloorFiller! Five years certainly is an achievement with such a dense program. How have you experienced the trajectory of your first years?

"Thanks! We’re all proud parents! FloorFiller started before the 'techno hype' erupted, which made a strong foundation to begin with. We’re big fans of the scene and our focus has always been on quality, not on quantity - financially. Thanks to some necessary personal investments and a couple of risks, we’ve become one of the bigger promoters in Belgium in a rather short period. Our third anniversary with Alan Fitzpatrick in Café d'Anvers was sold out, which was a first confirmation. And after a few bigger productions (Nina Kraviz, Jeff Mills, ...), topped off with a festival with over 3,000 visitors, we are quite certain we've established our reputation."

What can we expect of your upcoming anniversary at Café d'Anvers ?

"FloorFiller is a traveling concept in clubs and special locations throughout Belgium, but everywhere we go, we still try to give it a personal touch. For this occasion, we chose the theme ‘Red Light District’ with fitting side acts: extra lighting, CO2 and confetti blasts and - of course - a very strong lineup with Drumcode legend Sam Paganini, his wife ZØE and Belgian pride Amelie Lens. As tradition has it, we’re bringing a birthday cake for our very first clubbers. So be on time! Pre-sale tickets are selling like hot buns, that's why we decided to add a second room (CDA's Balcony) with some tech-house. This room will serve as a counterweight for the harder tracks in the main room. Two for the price of one!"

What stands out is FF's broad range of activities: events, festival, a digital label and artist agency. How do you manage to combine all of this? What’s your recipe for success?

"A strong, well-organized team is the core of our entire endeavor. Since day one we believed in the synergy between different channels and we strive to bring this to the same level as our events. Each segment has its own manager and is assisted by a sub-team of 3 to 4 specialists. Our organization has a headcount of about twenty people. Most of them work on a voluntary base, out of love and passion for the scene. Without these people we wouldn’t be where we are today. "

You’ve had the honour of hosting some heavyweights in the scene. Which booking will you always cherish?

"Our fourth anniversary in Café d'Anvers with Nina Kraviz was an absolute milestone. A booking of which we’re very proud, a great event on itself and a wildcard to 'the big league'."

Which other names are featuring on your whish list?

"Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, …Too many to mention. We’re not done yet, that’s for sure. Apart from the bigger bookings, we’re also working very hard to discover fresh, young talent."

What will the future bring for FloorFiller? Any exclusive scoops you can share with us?

"After 5 Years FloorFiller in Antwerp, we’re organizing SnowFiller early April: our brand new ski-trip to Val Thorens (the Ibiza of the Alps). In addition, we are still working on a fun project in April which we’ll announce soon. From then on it’s full focus on the summer with our own outdoor events, stage hostings at Extrema Outdoor, Aftrsun and Maze, and, of course, our own FloorFiller Festival (July 20,21 and 22). There’s also a FloorFiller Indoor Festival in the works! Info, location, date and lineup are still secret. We'll be in touch."

More info on FloorFiller available on the world wide web and Facebook.

5 Years FloorFiller