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2ManyDJs voted Best Belgian DJ ever

2ManyDJs voted Best Belgian DJ ever

2ManyDJs, the moniker of Stephen & David Dewaele, has been voted Best Belgian DJ Ever by 15,694 Belgian clubbers and music lovers. The brothers will receive a special Red Bull Elektropedia Award on Saturday November 10 at this year's awards ceremony at Flanders Expo in Ghent. 

In 2010, we asked Belgian clubbers and music lovers what their favorite club ever was. The answer: Fuse. Last year, we were curious to find out what their favorite Belgian dance song ever was. Turns out most people have a soft spot for Technotronic’s Pump Up The Jam. This year, we were keen to know about their favorite Belgian DJs ever.

Here's the complete top ten!

01 - 2ManyDJs

After the release of their milestone mix album As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2, the Dewaeles' career lifted off massively, little by little from their DJ residency at Culture Club to conquering the world. The last couple of years they’ve established themselves as top of the bill acts at the biggest festivals and parties, continuously re-inventing their act (Under The Covers, Radio Soulwax). 

02 - The Glimmers (Mo & Benoelie)

Mo and Benoelie are worldwide respected for their huge amount of mixes and compilations on prestigious labels and series such as !K7, R&S, Fabric and Eskimo Recordings. Just as 2ManyDJs they’ve achieved an A-list status originating from the Culture Club booth and exploding to the coolest venues on planet earth.


03 - CJ Bolland

Without any doubt one of the biggest names in the 90s electronic scene in Belgium and beyond. His name will forever be affiliated to the mythic R&S imprint and some standout productions. Besides that CJ has proven himself to be a solid DJ. Today he’s still very popular among the clubbers all over the world.

04 - Jan Van Biesen

Best known for his pioneering role in integrating dance music on national radio. Moulding Teknoville, Mixomatose, Headroom and  Switch are some of his biggest
achievements. Jan has also been a key-player in the Belgian club scene thanks to residencies at a.o. Fill Collins and Decadance.  


05 - LeFtO

He adapted himself the definition ‘early riser’ and kept word throughout the years. LeFtO is best known as the host of one of the longest running shows at Studio Brussel. His unique approach and feeling for variety makes him one of the finest DJ’s in the country. On top of that he’s travelling the world, charming every continent. Gilles Peterson recently called him one of the best in the game.

06 - Dr. Lektroluv

About a decade ago record label N.E.W.S. launched the Lektroluv series and came to the idea of recruiting someone to promote the compilations behind the decks. Dressed up and drowned in mystery the green-masked doctor boiled up dancefloors in Belgium and abroad and kept delivering top notch compilations and live mixes recorded at the world’s biggest festivals.

07 - Deg

Best known for his residency at Fuse, where he’s one of the audience’s favourites since 1997. During his earlier DJ days in the mid 90’s, Deg was one part of the resident team at Borsalino and gained a lot of buzz and respect from the country’s biggest promoters at the time.

08 - TLP

Back in 2011 TLP celebrated his 25th anniversary as a DJ. Since the beginning he’s been an undisputed crowdpleaser at Culture Club and nowadays he’s travelling back and forth between La Rocca, Charlatan and David Lynch’s club in Paris.

09 - Murdock

Murdock is Belgium’s premier name when it comes to drum and bass and dubstep. His resume is stacked: national radio shows, launching Netsky's career, playing almost every possible festival and every possible city, running two productive labels and promoting highly acclaimed parties such as the recordbreaking UKF Rampage.

10 - Raoul Belmans

Some time ago foreign promoters called Raoul the best thing from Leuven since the beer. Whether it’s Japan or Chicago, Raoul has been everywhere, accompanied by his trusty cases filled with soulful and funky house music. The Swirled Music label boss has been in the game for two decades now and is still highly in demand travelling from venue to venue.


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