2015 Vanguard Award Winners


Each year, Red Bull Elektropedia honours a number of (legendary) peeps for their significant contribution to Belgian nightlife. This year, these seven individuals will receive a Red Bull Elektropedia Vanguard Award:

*** Dirk Da Davo & TB Frank (The Neon Judgement)

Alongside Front 242, The Neon Judgement are considered the founding fathers of EBM (Electronic Body Music), with which they conquered the world in the '80s. The influence of Dirk Da Davo and TB Frank on the history of electronic music has been well-documented, to the point where hotshot producers like Tiga and The Hacker remixed classic cuts like TV Treated and Factory Walk. This year, after a career spanning 35 years (and a memorable farewell tour), the duo has decided to call it quits. So we felt one final salute was - quite definitely - in order.

*** Luc Van Acker, Jan Van Roelen & Marcel Vanthilt (Arbeid Adelt!)

In the exact same year The Neon Judgement decided to call it quits, Marcel Vanthilt, Luc Van Acker and Jan Van Roelen felt it was about time to reanimate their '80s baby Arbeid Adelt! The band is back with a new album, Silk, and a coinciding tour. The anarchistic pop trio caused a bit of a riot in the '80s with instant cult tracks like De dag dat het zonlicht niet meer scheen, Lekker Westers and - quite likely the ultimate Belpop classic - Death Disco.

*** Carl de Moncharline (Who's Who's Land, The Wood)

Few people have made a more significant contribution to Brussels nightlife than Carl de Moncharline. As artistic director of Mirano, creator of the immensely popular party Who's Who's Follies and founder of the legendary club Who's Who's Land, he truly painted the town all colours during the '90s. But he didn't stop there and then. Over the course of the past ten years, Carl de Moncharline graced Brussels with some extraordinary things like the Balloon Day Parade and the - as always - prominent club The Wood.

*** Yves Smolders (Versuz)

After a short stint at Zillion, where he served as marketing director, Yves Smolders turned his attention to Hasselt's brand new club Versuz, which he turned into one of the most successful clubs in the country. Three years ago, he left the club to focus his attention on - amongst other things - his event agency A&D Events, but when Versuz moved to the Grenslandhallen beginning of last year, Smolders was back on board to - successfully - lead the club.

All other winners will be announced on Wednesday December 16 at Wild Gallery, Brussels. The awards ceremony will start at 8.45pm and results will be posted in real-time on Red Bull Elektropedia's website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And on Snapchat (rbelektropedia) of course!

For now, check out all nominees here or buy tickets to the ceremony.


Previous Red Bull Elektropedia Vanguard Award winners include:

2009: Dan Lacksman, Michel Moers & Marc Moulin (Telex), Mo & Benoelie (The Glimmers), Peter Decuypere (55, Fuse, I Love Techno), Renaat Vandepapeliere & Sabine Maes (R&S) and Herman Gillis (Sherman Filterbank)

2010: Front 242, Stephen & David Dewaele (2ManyDJs), Marc Meulemans (posthumously), José Pascual & Frie Verhelst (USA Import) and Rudy Victor Ackaert, Philip De Liser & Eric Smout (10 Days of Techno).

2011: Christian Pieters & Marnik Braeckevelt (Bonzai Records) and Mathias Kerckhof & Leo Bruynoghe (Kozzmozz).

2012: Jan Van Biesen (Studio Brussel)

2013: Maurice Engelen (Antler-Subway, Lords of Acid, Praga Khan) and Eric Rozen (Out Soon)

2014: CJ Bolland, Bernard Dobbeleer (Radio 21) and Geert Deblaere, Hessel Tieter, Lieven Van den Broeck (posthumously), Stefaan Vandenberghe & Jan Vanneste (N.E.W.S.)

2015: Dirk Da Davo & TB Frank (The Neon Judgement), Luc Van Acker, Jan Van Roelen & Marcel Vanthilt (Arbeid Adelt!), Carl de Moncharline (Who's Who's Land, The Wood) and Yves Smolders (Versuz)