2 Times Nothing gets a stunning remix treatment on Perron Zes.

Pictures by Simon Leloup


Who remembers 2 Times Nothing, the head-turning band that gave one hell of a show at Made In Belgium a few months ago? Well, these boys are back with a new track, Uskumatu (accompanied by 5 stellar remixes by other up and coming talent) that will see the light of day Monday, January 15, on Perron Zes. Ahead of this remix EP, we sent over a couple of questions to Jonas Mergan from the Brussels-based record label about this release, about their vision and about what’s to come. Press play for a unique first listen!

How much potential do you think ‘2 Times Nothing’ has? What was the idea behind this remix EP?

"Since the very beginning, 2 Times Nothing has been a part of our collective. The evolution they have gone through in the meantime is impressive, so we’re sure they have a bright future ahead of them - especially after the superb performance at Made In Belgium last October. When they recorded a new track a while ago, they provided us a couple of samples separately. From there, the idea to experiment with both digital and analogue remixes started to grow – especially given the fact they had been asked to collaborate with other producers many times already. So yeah, the timing was right."

Who are the remixers, and why did you choose these artists?

"We were mostly looking for a collection of diverse and balanced producers. Eventually, we chose Moodprint, Vincent-Paolo, Nangdo, Majär (aka Vicking Groovy) and Mambele. We gave them the samples without much direction, as we wanted to make sure each artist is free to keep his distinctiveness. The search for new producers for our label is always very organic. Usually, we see a lot of talent around us – and it’s just more fun to work with people you know personally. Additionally, it’s important to promote local artists (although we admit we looked to our neighbours up North for Vincent-Paolo and Nangdo)."

Where would you put Perron Zes on the ‘music spectrum’?

"In our radio shows on The Word Radio and BRUZZ we’d like to focus on hybrid club music, which basically means there are no limits. We love to play eclectic events and we always select music based on the music we listen to on a daily basis. When it’s our turn to throw a night, we try to offer a place in the spotlights for genres that don’t usually get much attention. In doing so, we try to diversify the current event scene, making sure everyone can have a good time. That’s what it’s all about in the end."

What’s in the pipelines for Perron Zes at the moment?

"The first half of 2018 is beginning to take shape. Our event, Underwater, will see a new edition on March 23, at Fuse, which will be the third time we work together with them. Together with Slagwerk we have another night coming up in May, on a very special location in the centre of Brussels. After this remix EP we have a Vicking Groovy release coming up – and then there’s loads of other stuff in preparation of our second anniversary. Lastly, we have two forthcoming fashion collaborations: one with Subbacultcha and one with our good friend Tamsir de Halleux."

‘2 Times Nothing – Uksumatu EP’ drops on Perron Zes Recordings January 15. Stay up to date by following their Facebook, Soundcloud or Bandcamp – and while you’re at it, you can follow 2 Times Nothing here and here.