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Kristof Claes (Goldfox) - "The track above is still very usable in dj sets. I use it often. When I was 13, I was looking for old raw electro on vinyl. That’s how I came across some albums and bootlegs of Kraftwerk. I was hooked. I started digging and found tons of other records. Their sound is so pure. The breaks and synths are amazing. In a way they are responsible for my alter ego Goldfox. And all of the awesome electro of the 70’s and 80’s offcourse. And it’s all coming back!"


Kim Mathijs (Ed & Kim, programmer Pukkelpop) - “When i was young I was very into hip hop and early electro. That’s how I wound up with Kraftwerk. They inspired modern electronic music because they were an influence on so many genres. Without their break beat, no Detroit techno. And no electro. They were ahead of their time, making electronic music with a poppy vibe. Also, they didn’t take things too seriously. Look at ‘We are the robots’, who comes up with something like that? They are always having fun, and that’s what I like about them. Without Kraftwerk, no Ed & Kim. That’s for sure.”


Dr. Lektroluv - “This track just gets me. It’s the kind of music I love the most and which I use often in my sets. I adore Kraftwerk, especially their 80’s records. They inspired me to get into the music business. Offcourse, I also love their older work. Autobahn is genius. Kraftwerk invented electronic music, with a poppy touch.”


Wiebe Loccufier (The Subs, OTB records) - “Kraftwerk was and still is an inspiration. That’s because of my dad. He played their record ‘The Human Machine’ a lot! You can hear their influence in every The Subs record, without us even doing it on purpose. I think it’s because we like it poppy, just like Kraftwerk. What a band!”


Maarten Elen (Mumbai Science) - “We didn’t grow up with Kraftwerk like a lot of others. Our heroes are Daft Punk. We got to know Kraftwerk and their influence on the music industry while digging for the history of our kind of music. They are the idols of our idols, and that’s saying something. You can hear so much of Kraftwerk in Daft Punk’s music. Awesome!”